Call to Action

December 4, 2023

Dear Friends,

Today, I appeal to you, your families, and acquaintances to join the Global Educational Institute of Science (GEIS) on our amazing journey in the pursuit of intellectual, health, and occupational opportunities for citizens of Senegal. GEIS has been diligently building relationships and operations within the surrounding communities of Dakar, Senegal, for the purpose of improving educational and apprentice opportunities, medical and health services, clean water and food sources. The response from children and adults within these communities has been over-whelming and only encouraged GEIS to expand our outreach and programs throughout Senegal.

Senegal is a beautiful, semi-arid country located in Sub-Saharan Africa with an abundance of natural resources which are being plundered by industrial nations such as Russia, China, France, and many others. The result of these incursions and assault on local community minerals and land has created an environment of political instability and fractured infrastructure, which is unable to provide food, electricity, and other public services to citizens on a consistent basis. GEIS has determined that together, we can have a positive impact on local communities by providing educational enrichment opportunities, job and apprenticeship training programs, and development programs to increase clean food and water source and distribution methods. Additionally, GEIS is organizing school health care symposiums to conduct health care screenings and basic medical services for the local communities.

The success of GEIS, and our communities in Senegal, is dependent on the TRUST that we build with our program participants, communities, and partners like you. The desire of our partners to support our initiatives through donations, volunteer efforts, and sharing our journey with your friends and families is the backbone of our ability to achieve our endeavors. All donations are used to support operations which enable us to execute local events and provide supplies to students and communities which are directly supported by GEIS. Senegal is a third-world country with significant socio-economic issues which GEIS is attacking head-on with your financial support. To put the value of your donations, $1 USD can purchase a French baguet with meat and spread, accompanied by a bottle of water for an individual. Or, $1 USD can provide several weeks of school supplies (paper, pencils, and personal chalk tablet) for a single student.

In closing, I’m not going to post images of starving children, people in tattered garments, children sifting through trash in the street for food, dilapidated shanties of cardboard and rusty corrugated metal, medical clinics with only mats on the floor to treat patients, or warlords killing people indiscriminately in villages to entice you to support our endeavors. Instead, I will appeal to your sense of human decency and conscience desire to create opportunity where it evades so many millions of people. All people have the right to pursue happiness and a life free of violence, oppression, and food insecurity.

With eternal gratitude,

Maurice Trentel
President, Global Educational Institute of Science